Supporting our Network during COVID-19 Free Webinar Series

Watch recordings of our bitesize webinars created to Support our Network during the COVID-19 Crisis (excuse the production quality – these are being recorded by team members in lockdown!)

With the worries, uncertainty and practical changes resulting from COVID-19, we’ve put together a series of free bitesize webinars to support our Network Community with a range of advice and support specifically tailored for career returners. Our aim is to help you to adapt your return to work plans to the current virtual environment, while maintaining your focus and motivation during this difficult time. These are pre-recorded and added to our site on a regular basis so that you can watch them at a time that suits you.

Webinar 1

The first in this series is The Return to Work Landscape [13 minutes] presented by our CEO Julianne Miles and Client Director Jude Harvey.

Watch to find out more about the impact of the crisis on returner programmes and our recommendations on the best approach to take as you adjust to this unsettling situation:

Webinar 2

The second in this series is How to Manage Uncertainty and Take Control [10 minutes] presented by our Client and Programme Director Hazel Little.

In this webinar Hazel shares psychological frameworks, practical exercises and top tips with a focus on returning to work.

Webinar 3

The third in this series is How to Prepare for a Virtual Interview Process [15 minutes] presented by our Senior Coach Anna Johnstone.

In this webinar Anna shares top tips to help you manage a virtual interview.

Webinar 4

The fourth in this series is How to Network Virtually [12 minutes] presented by our Coach Catherine Kraus.

In this webinar Catherine shares advice on how to network virtually and the importance of creating a plan.

Webinar 5

The fifth in this series is Upskilling in Preparation for your Return to Work [12 minutes] presented by our Client and Programme Director Hazel Little.

In this webinar Hazel shares tips on how best to approach and succeed in the task of refreshing your skills from home to prepare for your return to work.